Service Providers

The directory below is intended to assist generators of non-sewerable liquid waste in finding service providers operating in the capital region who will collect, transport and/or dispose of these wastes.

The directory is intended as an information service only and is not an endorsement of any specific corporation or service group.

If your company provides trucked liquid waste services in the capital region and is interested in being added to this directory, please email us.

The Salt Spring Island Liquid Waste Disposal Service provides a septage and sludge receiving facility located near Burgoyne Bay, owned and operated by the CRD. The facility receives septage and sewage from service providers that is then hauled off island for further treatment and disposal.


The CRD provides outreach and educational services to industrial, commercial and institutional owners and operators to help promote the proper management of liquid waste that cannot be legally discharged to the sanitary sewer or the stormwater collection system.

The goals of the program are to:

  • promote pollution prevention
  • promote informed decisions by the industrial, commercial and institutional sector on liquid waste disposal
  • encourage the development of appropriate and cost effective facilities
  • encourage and increase compliance with regulations

The program helps ensure that TLW is handled and disposed of in an appropriate and responsible manner to protect the environment and public health. Learn more >>