Since the early 1990’s, the CRD Marine Monitoring Program has delivered marine assessment and research services for the Capital Region. Program staff are involved with the sampling and analysis of the marine environment including the surface water, water column, seafloor, and benthic communities associated with the CRD’s eight wastewater outfalls. Staff are also involved with sampling and analysis of wastewater at the eight CRD operated wastewater treatment plants. The work fulfills and goes beyond BC Provincial environmental monitoring requirements, but also help ensure that the CRD and the Regional Source Control program are proactively addressing the impact of current and emerging contaminants and CRD wastewater treatment plants are effective in wastewater treatment.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Protect the marine receiving environment
  • Protect human health
  • Confirm proper functioning of CRD wastewater treatment facilities and outfalls