The Regional Source Control program (RSCP) provides regulatory and educational services to help promote the proper discharge of waste into sewers that are connected to a sewage facility operated by the CRD.

This pollution prevention initiative aims to reduce the amount of contaminants that industries, businesses, institutions and households discharge into the district’s sanitary sewer systems. The RSCP focuses on the reduction or elimination of contaminants before they enter the sewer system rather than treating them after they have been mixed with other wastes. Source control is a cost effective way of protecting wastewater collection and treatment systems and the environment.

The program has been active region-wide since the adoption of the CRD’s Sewer Use Bylaw in August 1994.

The goals of the program are to protect:

  • The marine receiving environment adjacent to the CRD’s sewage outfalls
  • Sewage facilities belonging to the CRD and its member municipalities
  • The health and safety of sewage workers and the general public
  • The quality of sewage sludge and biosolids
  • Treatment plants against upsets