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Contact facilities directly to ensure they are open during the COVID-19 health emergency and learn about changes to their drop-off procedures.

Store for now – if you can, please store any waste that won’t rot or attract animals. Visit Recycle BC for storage tips for recyclable materials.

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Island Return It, Esquimalt

935 Ellery, Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Phone Number(s)
Email Address
Fax Number
Monday to Sunday, 9am-5pm
Website http://www.islandreturnit.com/
Facility Type
  • Private
  • Drop off depot
Related Products Aerosol Containers (non HHW)
Aluminum Foil and Plates
Appliances (small), Exercise Machines, Power Tools
Batteries (automotive)
Batteries (household including rechargeable)
Beverage Containers (refundable)
Cell Phones
Christmas Light Strings
Coffee Pods
Cords (extension and appliance)
Corrugated Cardboard
Glass Bottles and Jars (non-refundable)
Light Bulbs (commercial)
Light Bulbs (residential)
Light Fixtures and Ballasts
Paper Cups
Pizza Boxes
Plastic Bags and Overwrap (soft plastics)
Plastic Containers (non-refundable)
Plastic Milk Jugs
Plastic Packaging (flexible)
Plastic Rigid Packaging (no Styrofoam)
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Styrofoam Blocks, Food Trays, Containers
Tetra Paks (non-refundable)
Tin Cans (non-refundable)
UPS/SLA Batteries
Commercial pick up service available..
Cannot accept exercise machines due to space limitations.
Last Updated
Jul 25, 2019, 10:09 AM