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Paper Cups

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Paper Cups
Residential paper cups can be recycled for free through the provincial Recycle BC program. In the Capital Region this is available through the curbside blue box recycling program as well as some drop off locations.

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How do I go green?

Use a reusable travel mug. Be sure to remember to carry one with you whenever there is a chance you may go for coffee. Staying in the coffee shop to enjoy your beverage? Ask for it in a china mug or cup.

It’s best not to ever acquire paper cups and they shouldn’t be reused to drink out of for health reasons.  If you do end up with a paper cup in your hands, there are all kind of creative re-use ideas on line, including coffee cup seedling planters, pencil cups or scoops for pet food or soil.

Residential paper cups are accepted in the curbside blue box recycling program and for free at Recycle BC Depots found here. The cup and plastic lid, washed and separated, are accepted in the blue box. The paper sleeve is accepted in the blue bag.
Contact facilities listed below regarding size limits and charges.


  • CRD Curbside Blue Box Recycling Program


  • Esquimalt Return-It

    935 Ellery

  • Galiano Recycling Depot

    220 Sturdies Bay Road
    Galiano Island

  • Gulf Island Recycling Service

    Salt Spring Island

  • Hartland Depot

    1 Hartland Avenue

  • Laurie's Recycling & Integrated Resource Mgmt. Inc / Laurie's Garbage & Recycling

    295 Park Drive
    Salt Spring Island

  • Mayne Island Recycling Depot

    390 Campbell Bay Road
    Mayne Island

  • Oak Bay Public Works Yard (Oak Bay residents only)

    1771 Elgin Road
    Oak Bay

  • Pacific Mobile Depots (PMD)

    6215 Marilyn Rd

  • Pender Island Recycling Depot

    4400 Otter Bay Road
    Pender Island

  • Port Renfrew Garbage & Recycling Depot

    17055 Parkinson Road
    Port Renfrew

  • Salt Spring Island Recycling Depot

    349 Rainbow Road
    Salt Spring Island

  • Saturna Island Recycling Depot

    101 Harris Road
    Saturna Island

  • Sidney Return-It

    5-10025 Galaran Road

  • The Environmental Story

    The paper cup is typically made from bleached virgin paperboard and has a liner of polyethylene (plastic) bonded to the inner layer of the cup for insulation and durability.  Millions of trees are being consumed, tons of greenhouse gases emitted and thousands of kilowatts of energy used, all for the production of the paper cup that gets used for about an hour.

    Did You Know?

    Paper cups are banned from residential garbage because they can be easily recycled and they are a product stewardship item.