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carton, gable top containers

Residential cartons (soup, coffee creamers, buttermilk, whipping cream, etc.) can be recycled for free through the provincial Recycle BC program. In the Capital Region this is available through the curbside blue box recycling program as well as some drop off locations.

Paper cartons can be challenging to know what to do with as they can’t be recycled with regular paper, due to their plastic content. They are accepted in the curbside recycling program with your plastic and metal containers, in the blue box.

Refundable cartons are managed through the beverage container return program.  See the listing for Beverage Containers (refundable) for the location of collection facilities in the region. 

Effective February 1, 2022 cartons for "ready-to-drink" milk and plant-based beverages like oat, soy, and almond will become part of beverage container return program. Find out more >>

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How do I go green?

Some companies offer glass containers, which are sturdy but easily recycled. Buy liquids in large containers to reduce packaging.

Cartons can be used in kid’s art projects or to store nails and screws in your work shed.

Residential cartons are accepted in the curbside blue box recycling program and for free at Recycle BC Depots found here

Please be sure to wash the cartons out, flatten them and remove any lids no matter where you take them for recycling.

Contact facilities listed below regarding size limits and charges.


  • Alpine Bottle Depot

    1045 Dunford Ave

  • CRD Curbside Blue Box Recycling Program


  • Darryl's and James's Digs

    103 East Point Road
    Saturna Island

  • Esquimalt Return-It

    935 Ellery

  • Galiano Recycling Depot

    220 Sturdies Bay Road
    Galiano Island

  • Grocery Stores

  • Hartland Depot

    1 Hartland Avenue

  • Pacific Mobile Depots (PMD)

    6215 Marilyn Rd

  • Pender Island Recycling Depot

    4400 Otter Bay Road
    Pender Island

  • Saturna Island Recycling Depot

    101 Harris Road
    Saturna Island

  • Sidney Return-It

    5-10025 Galaran Road

  • Sooke Bottle Depot

    2032 Idlemore Road

  • South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association Recycle

    1625 Bank Street

  • The Environmental Story

    Gable top cartons are made from ‘polycoat’ – lightweight, high-grade paperboard sandwiched between two thin layers of polyethylene (plastic) film.  The result is a strong, rigid container that effectively maintains the integrity of the product inside.

    Polycoat is a high-value material that can be converted into new material using a process known as hydra pulping.  A hydra pulper is like an enormous blender, where a combination of heat, water and agitation break down the material to produce raw fibre, or pulp.  The pulp is then used to make new paper products such as corrugated medium (the inner layer of corrugated cardboard), linerboard and household tissue products.  The small amount of residual polyethylene can be screened off for use in other plastic and composite materials. 

    Did You Know?

    When you pick up a carton at the store, you’re picking up a gable top carton.  The name comes from the fold at the top which looks like the gable roof of a house.