Bringing renovation and demolition waste to Hartland?

Before beginning a renovation project, audit the materials you will disturb and need to dispose of. Consider having a Hazardous Materials Survey completed to identify potentially hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mold, silica, and mercury before starting any work. For a list of HAZMAT survey, testing, and removal service providers click here.

Always ensure the correct amount of samples are taken for the material and square footage according to the WorkSafeBC Bulk Material Sample Collection Guide.


Hartland accepts clean (non-asbestos containing) renovation waste for disposal through a pre-approval application for residential and small commercial loads or through a clean demolition permit for commercial and/or self-tipping loads. You will need to provide laboratory test results or prove materials were installed after 1990.

If your materials contain asbestos, visit our Asbestos Disposal page for information on how to bring asbestos waste to Hartland.

Ensure the materials are accepted and not banned from being landfilled at Hartland. Common materials banned from disposal include drywall, clean wood, concrete, thermostats and metal ducting.

New: Asphalt shingles and treated wood (painted, stained engineered wood products) are banned from being landfilled (effective July 2, 2024). Asphalt shingles and treated wood from renovation and demolition projects must arrive separated from other materials and be dropped off in a designated area as directed by staff.

Residential and Small Commercial Loads (Public Drop-Off Depot)

Individuals and small commercial customers (vehicles under 5,500kg GVW) have to follow certain steps prior to bringing renovation materials to Hartland. If you have any questions about the process, email the CRD's Reno Safe team before starting your project.

Materials that require a Renovation Waste Pre-approval Application

The following materials are suspect to contain asbestos and require a  Renovation Waste Pre-approval Application before they can be disposed of as general refuse at Hartland Landfill.

  • Stucco
  • Plaster and textured surface coats
  • Wood subflooring
  • Wood studs removed from underneath drywall, plaster or stucco
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Paper-backed vinyl/linoleum/sheet flooring
  • Mastics (applied adhesives)
  • Grout, mortar, levelling compound
  • Paper-backed fiberglass/rock wool insulation
  • Vermiculite, blown-in/loose insulation
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Ducting insulation, duct wrap, ductwork
  • Multi-layer roofing
  • Octagonal/hexagonal roofing shingles, roofing felt
  • Deck under-sheeting
  • Furnace or boiler materials
  • Artificial fireplaces and kilns
  • Cement board, transite board, fibreboard
  • Fire-proof board

Renovation Waste Pre-approval Application Process

1. Fill out the Application for Renovation Waste Disposal. You will be required to provide:

  • Type of materials and detailed description of waste to be disposed.
  • Documentation proving your residence was built after 1990; or, laboratory testing (by an accredited lab) on materials suspected of containing asbestos or other hazardous materials.
  • Lab test results must be no older than one year to be valid. 
  • Ensure your testing was completed using the proper number of samples based on material type and square footage according to the WorkSafeBC Bulk Material Sample Collection Guide.

2. Wait for response from CRD staff (within 24 hours on weekdays).

3. Once you have received your pre-approval number you can bring your renovation waste to Hartland during regular operating hours.

4. Have your pre-approval number ready to give to the scale attendant when you arrive.

    Materials that don’t require a Pre-approval Application

    The pre-approval application isn’t required if disposing of the following materials:  

    • Wood waste (eg. lumber off cuts, plywood, pallets/skids, crating, wood fencing painted or stained wood, decks, fences, cabinetry and countertops)
    • New/uninstalled construction materials (eg. ceramic tiles, insulation, sheet flooring and cement board from new construction)
    • Carpet, carpet underlay and tack strips
    • Fiberglass or rock wool insulation with no paper backing
    • Foam board/rigid insulation with no adhesives or mastics
    • Rectangular asphalt shingles (must only be a single layer of roofing)
    • Cedar shingles
    • James Hardie brand cement board (must have visible label)
    • Laminate flooring with no adhesives/mastics

    Commercial Demolition Loads (Active Face)

    Commercial customers with large loads of clean demolition material must complete an application, receive a controlled waste permit and make an appointment to dispose of demolition waste as general refuse at Hartland Landfill.

    Clean Demolition Permit and Appointment Process

    1. Complete the Application for Disposal of Clean Demolition Waste:

    2. Applications require:

    • Hazardous material assessments
    • TCLP for leachable lead (where lead paint is present)
    • Abatement clearance documents

    3. Wait for staff to review application and issue a permit.

    4. Make an appointment for disposal by calling 250.360.3410. Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

    5. Bring a copy of the permit with the Waste Carrier Section completed to each disposal appointment to hand to scale attendant. 

    Notice About Drywall

    Drywall free of asbestos (clean drywall) is not accepted at Hartland for disposal or recycling. A list of locations accepting clean drywall for recycling can be found on Clean drywall consists of new off cuts, drywall pieces with no mud present, or drywall with mud that is tested and verified to be free of asbestos (or verified to be post-1990 via a date stamp). Please reach out to the facility for testing requirements.

    If drywall mud is tested and asbestos is found, then an appointment for asbestos waste disposal (asbestos-containing drywall) at Hartland can be made. Visit our asbestos disposal page for more information.

    Reno & Demo Disposal Applications

    Residential Clean Renovation Application

    Commercial Clean Demolition Application

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