Managing waste is a shared responsibility. There is a great deal that we can all do as individuals, businesses and governments to significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill. We also want to make sure materials don’t end up in the landfill that can be reused or recycled into valuable new products.


Single Family Homes

Residential garbage, kitchen scraps and yard/garden material collection is supplied through a combination of municipal programs and private services. Read more >>

Under agreement with Recycle BC, the CRD provides curbside recycling collection to over 127,000 single family homes in the region. Read more >>

Multi-family Buildings

Collection services for garbage, recycling and kitchen scraps are provided by private collectors. If you have concerns about the services offered in your building please contact your building manager. If you would like to set up new recycling or kitchen scraps services we suggest you first connect with your garbage collector to learn what other services they provide.

Find a list of private collection service providers below.

Commercial Buildings and Institutions

As with multi-family buildings, waste collection services for commercial buildings and institutions are supplied by private collectors. If you are a business located within a commercial building, we recommend connecting with the building manager regarding your waste generation and service needs.

Private Collection Services

There are a number of companies offering garbage, recycling and kitchen scraps collection services in the region. For a list of service providers please see our PDF below or search ‘Garbage Collection’ in the Yellow Pages. Contact companies directly for information regarding their collection services and fees.


Depot Collection of Recyclables

The British Columbia Recycling Regulation requires producers of designated products to take extended producer responsibility for the life-cycle management of their products which includes recycling. This is conducted through a network of collection sites throughout the province. Read more >>

Transfer Stations

There are a number of locations in the region where you can drop off garbage as well as items like scrap metal and yard and garden material. Find out what is accepted where by visiting