Hartland Landfill Environmental Programs

The Hartland Landfill Environmental Programs provide a comprehensive program to monitor and evaluate the effects of landfilling operations on the environment. Read more >>

Landfill Gas Monitoring Project

Decomposition of solid waste produces landfill gas, which may result in odours and potential health and safety issues. Read more >>

Summary of the Groundwater, Surface Water & Leachate Quality Monitoring Programs

Decomposition of solid waste, along with rain and groundwater percolation through the landfill, produces leachate. Read more >>

Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater quality is monitored quarterly to assess potential impacts of landfill processes and operations on groundwater. Read more >>

Surface Water Monitoring

Hartland Landfill is located within the Tod Creek watershed. Surface water flowing south from the landfill is directed to Killarney Lake and Prospect Lake, and ultimately discharges to Tod Creek. Read more >>

Leachate Monitoring

What is Leachate, how is it managed, and how is it monitored? Read more >>


Reports relating to the Hartland Environmental Program are provided for your convenience. Read more >>