The CRD established a local service for solid waste disposal in 1973. The Environmental Resource Management (ERM) division is responsible for municipal solid waste management, including waste reduction, recycling programs and the operation of Hartland Landfill. ERM reports to the Environmental Services Committee who make recommendations to the CRD Board.

Environmental resource management in the Capital Region is based on the 5R hierarchy of Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Resource Recovery and Residual Management with the goal of extending the life of Hartland Landfill by minimizing waste disposal and maximizing diversion opportunities.

All costs associated with CRD solid waste disposal and diversion programs are funded through tipping and user fee revenues at Hartland Landfill, service delivery agreements for stewarded materials, sale of electricity and sale of recyclables.

Solid Waste Management Plan

A solid waste management plan is a legally mandated document by the Province of British Columbia.

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