housefinch 166x268 tallCRD funding is again available for organizations and individuals providing recreation programs for Pender Island residents. The responsibility for dispersal is delegated to the local Parks and Recreation Commission.

Approval for funding will be focused on providing benefit to as large and diverse a group of islanders as possible, from the youngest to the most senior. Programs must be open to the entire community.

Forms may also be obtained from the PIPRC folder found in the community service box at Dockside Realty (Driftwood Center), or by contacting PIPRC by email.

The criteria for issuing monies provided by the CRD are as follows:

  • Priority will be given to programs which improve physical, emotional and mental health and promote social interaction.
  • Activities should be participatory, have good value, be broad in appeal, and be inclusive of our community members.

Recreation funds are not available for capital projects (where the asset location cannot be changed, such as a building) or for the arts (such as concerts, art shows, exhibitions, etc.). They are available for movable equipment, rentals, supplies, and instruction fees.

Our Commission is held fully accountable for the tax monies we are entrusted with. Applicants are required to provide details on how they plan to use the funds provided. Organizations that have previously been awarded grants are required to submit specific information on how the money was actually spent. Failure to provide this information may result in rejection of a request.

If you have any questions or need clarification of the information, please contact us.

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