wooleychanterelles  220x136 hhAll community parks are open from sunrise to sunset.

No fires or camping are permitted in community parks.

Smoking is not permitted in community parks or trails.

No mountain biking is permitted in community parks.

CRD Bylaws 1578 and 2660 are in effect for the community parks and trails on the Pender Islands.

Pender Island Parks & Recreation Commission Bylaws

Bylaw 1577 To a local authority through the establishment of a Parks and Recreational Commission.
Bylaws 1578 & 2660 Address the conduct of visitors in PIPC parks (Bylaw 2660 amends Bylaw 1578).
Bylaw 2515 To establish a Parks Commission for the Pender Islands.
Bylaw 2518 Parks Commission separated from the Pender Island Recreation and Agricultural Hall Association which has the responsibility for providing recreation services.
Bylaw 2747 Procedural Bylaw No.1 to regulate the Proceedings of the Capital Regional District Board.
Bylaw 2875 To amend CRD Bylaw 2515 Pender Islands Parks Commission.

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