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Trail Conditions

Trails and beach accesses in the Pender Islands Community Parks can be steep and/or slippery, especially when wet. Most trails are not groomed, and have exposed roots or rocks. Visitors are advised to use caution and attentiveness when using trails, steps, ropes and ladders.

Many beaches have rough footing, with boulders, slippery shelves, seaweed and driftwood to negotiate. Use caution.

nettle 166x166 sqStinging Nettles

Stinging nettles can cause a painful rash. Know what they look like and avoid them when possible. It is possible to relieve a nettle burn by applying the sap from stinging nettle stems.


Ticks are common residents of tall grass in Spring and early summer. Check for ticks on you and your dog after walking in these areas.

Fire Danger

The threat of fire is very real in the Southern Gulf Islands. Even in damp weather, the forest floor and underbrush may still be tinder dry. No fires are permitted in the parks.

Smoking is not permitted in community parks or trails.

Dog Visits

No one enjoys encountering dog excrement while using community parks. Feces also contain a high level of nitrogen, which can encourage invasive species and damage natural habitats. Please clean up after your dog.

Poop scoop in recreational parks: Danny Martin, Disc Golf or those adjacent to swimming or drinking water areas (such as the Magic Lake Picnic area and the Magic Lake Swimming Hole). Areas around Magic Lake, Buck Lake and Roe Lake are particularly vulnerable to fecal contamination.


Bikes damage the trails and make them unsafe for pedestrians. No bikes are permitted in Community Parks. (CRD Bylaw #1578 (15) and CRD Bylaw #2129 (22).


If you notice something which may be a hazard to parks or park users, please report your finding immediately to the PIPRC.

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