penderwetlands 220x136 hhThere are a variety of parks and trails on the Pender Islands with differing terrain, vegetation, views, amenities, and accessibility.

No bikes are allowed on any of the parks or trails. There are bike racks located at some of the parks (see amenities).

Fires and smoking are not permitted in community parks or trails.

Park boundaries are posted so that park and trail users need not trespass on adjacent private property.

Please respect these boundaries while enjoying the trails.

Please respect the environment and leave no trace of your visit or your dog's visit.

Parks & Trails

Other Parks on Pender Islands

The Capital Regional District has one park on South Pender Island:

The Gulf Islands National Park Reserve includes several parks on both North and South Pender Islands. On North Pender the parks administered by Parks Canada are Roesland, Loretta's Wood, the Canal Dig Site and Prior Park Campground. On South Pender Parks Canada administers Mt. Norman, Beaumont Marine, and Greenburn Lake.

For more information visit:


The Parks, Trails, View Points and Ocean Access on the Pender Islands are not all easily accessible for those with mobility problems. Some trails cross rough and steep terrain. Some contain exposed roots that can trip unwary hikers. Some stairs on the trails and beach accesses are steep with high risers and no railings. Off road parking is limited at the trail heads.


Park Name Activity
Danny Martin Baseball
Disc Golf Park Disc Golf
Magic Lake Picnic, Swimming float
Shingle Bay Picnic
Thieves Bay Picnic, Swings


There are limited amenities in the following parks:

Park Name Location Amenities
George Hill Stanley Point Bench
Mount Elizabeth Clam Bay Road Toilet
Found Road Clam Bay Road Bench
Shingle Bay Magic Lake Bench, Table, Swings
Thieves Bay Magic Lake Benches, Tables, Toilet, Swings
Danny Martin Park Magic Lake Ball Diamond, Toilet
Disc Golf Park Magic Lake Toilet
Sandy Sievert Magic Lake Bench
Harbour Hills Harbour Hills Bench
Fawn Creek Ainslie Point Bench
Enchanted Forest Spalding Road Bench, Bike Rack
Mortimer Spit Canal Road Toilet
Lilias Spalding Spalding Road past Castle Road Bench, Picnic Tables, Toilet
Mt Norman Canal Road entry Toilet, Bike Rack

Heritage Parks

  • Grover Sargent Memorial Cairn Trail
  • Lilias Spalding Heritage Park - Spalding Road past Castle Road, South Pender Island

Hiking Trails

North Pender

  • Mount Elizabeth
  • Heart Trail and Extension
  • Wallace Road
  • Schooner to Chart
  • Masthead to Shingle
  • Yardarm to Shingle
  • Firehall to Disc Park
  • Capstan Lane/Rope Road Trail
  • Bosun to Schooner Trail
  • Oak Bluffs Trail
  • Harbour Hills Trail
  • Mount Menzies
  • Abbott Park Trail
  • George Hill Trail
  • Sandy Sievert Trail
  • Buck Lake Trail

South Pender

  • Bridge Trail
  • Fawn Creek Trail
  • Walker Trail
  • Craddock Lane
  • Castle Road
  • Bidgood Road
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Lilias Spalding Heritage Park

Steep Climb or Descent

  • George Hill
  • Castle Road
  • Bidgood Road
  • Mt. Elizabeth
  • Mt. Menzies
  • Oak Bluffs
  • Walker Trail
  • Abbott Hill
  • Lively Peak

Ocean Access

Ocean Access by highway right of way.

North Pender

  • Boat Nook
  • Bricky Bay
  • Bridges Road
  • Found Road
  • Grimmer Bay
  • Harpoon Road
  • Irene Bay
  • McKinnon Road
  • Niagara Road
  • Percival Cove
  • Peters Cove (N & S)
  • Starvation Bay
  • Tracy Road
  • Walden Road
  • Wallace Road
  • Welcome Bay

South Pender

  • Ancia Road
  • Bidgood Road
  • Boundary Pass
  • Canal Road (S)
  • Craddock Drive
  • Fawn Creek
  • Gowlland Point
  • Mortimer Spit
  • Walker Road

Other Recreation

  • Disc Golf
  • Danny Martin - baseball
  • Magic Lake - picnic, swimming float
  • Thieves Bay -picnic, swings
  • Shingle Bay - picnic

View Points

The following view points have no ocean access.

North Pender

  • Mumford Road
  • Oak Bluffs
  • Plumper Way
  • Seawest Drive
  • Skeeles Road
  • Wilson Road

South Pender

  • Bridge Park (south)
  • Higgs Road
  • Southlands/Tilly Point Trail