Who We Are

penderstriatedbeach 220x136 hhThe Pender Island Parks & Recreation Commission (PIPRC) is a volunteer and community-driven parks commission. The commission is designated by the CRD with the responsibility caring for and creating community parks and trails on North and South Pender Islands. (See Appendix A in the 2008 Parks Plan for details.) PIPRC has the ability to create future parks for the benefit of the Pender Islands' ecosystems and park visitors.

Our Mission

The mission of the PIPRC is:
  • to acquire, care for, appropriately manage and develop PIPRC park
  • to protect park resources for the present and future enjoyment of all visitors
  • to balance the needs of the sensitive ecosystems involved with the needs of a rural island community
  • to steward and control the impact of a substantial seasonal influx of visitors

Master Plan

The PIPRC Master Plan establishes a guide for the acquisition, development, operation and maintenance of the Pender Islands’ community parks. It is intended to provide both direction and focus for community parks and trail systems planning.

The Parks Master Plan is also intended to work in concert with the Islands Trust North and South Pender Islands Official Community Plans, as well as with Regional, Provincial and National parks bodies and their plans as appropriate. The commission strives toward flexible and responsive interaction with the Pender Islands community's needs and concerns.

For more information, see the 2008 Master Plan.

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