Parks & Recreation Management Policies


pendergowllandpoint 166x268 tallTo provide consistent policies in the management of community parks which will be consistent with policies of the Master Parks Plan, Official Community Plans of North and South Pender Islands, and the Trust Policy Statement.
  1. The Commission is mandated to acquire, develop and maintain community parks and facilitate outdoor recreation in parks.
  2. Master Plans, maps and brochures on community parks will be regularly updated, with full review every five years.
  3. Trail maintenance will be done in such as way as to provide both safety for users and protection of the natural environment.
  4. Trees will not be felled in parks except for reasons of public safety or for the enhancement of park facilities.
  5. Equipment such as floats, benches, tables and bike racks are to be maintained to provide safety for users.
  6. Community parks are to be made accessible to as wide a range of the public as possible.
  7. All work is to be contracted out. Special projects or projects which the Commission deems will cost over $5,000 will go to public tender.
  8. The Commission will improve ocean accesses that are appropriate and safe for public use and consistent with community plan.
  9. Selection of Commissioners: Vacancies will be advertised for appointment. Criteria for selection will stress fair representation of the population of the islands.
  10. Fiscal Responsibility: An annual budget will be prepared as indicated in by-law No. 2515. Cash received as cash-in-lieu of park land will be deposited in a reserve fund for the purchase of park land on North and South Pender Islands, as stated in the Municipal Act.
  11. Operating procedures will be reviewed at regular intervals.
  12. The Commission will communicate with all other agencies and community groups having an interest in parks at regular intervals, including an annual meeting with the Pender Island Recreation and Agricultural Hall Association.
  13. Parks are to be named for the geographic location of the park where possible. A park may be named for a person in special cases.
  14. All work in parks will be consistent with maintenance standards set out in the Master Parks Plans of North Pender and South Pender Islands.
  15. Before any alterations are made to park property where covenants exist, those covenants will be reviewed by the Parks & Recreation Commission.
  16. Signs shall be kept to a minimum and be consistent in design and script and be in harmony with natural surrounds.
  17. Bicycles are not permitted on any trail within community parks consistent with CRD operating Bylaw 1578.
  18. Smoking is not permitted in community parks or trails consistent with CRD Clean Air Bylaw 3962.