barnaclegooseneck 166x166 sqUnder the statutory authority of a Letters Patent dated 28th August, 1975, the Regional Board of the Capital Regional District (CRD) was given the responsibility to acquire, develop, operate and maintain community parks in the Outer Gulf Islands.


In October 1987, the administrative powers of the Regional Board were delegated by Bylaw 1577 to a local authority through the establishment of a Parks and Recreational Commission. This Commission was to be made up of the CRD Director representing the Outer Gulf Islands Electoral Area plus eight (8) North and South Pender Island electors appointed by resolution of the Regional Board. The Commission was delegated with administrative powers relating to community parks and park properties, the construction, equipping, operation and maintenance of recreational facilities, and the organization and conduct of recreational programs.

Bylaw 1578, October 28. 1987 - establishes guidelines for the operation of parks on the Pender Islands. This bylaw included specific rules and regulations related to park use.


seastarleg 166x166 sqBylaw 2515, 8th October, 1997 - establishes a Parks Commission for the Pender Islands. At this time the Parks Commission separated from the Pender Island Recreation and Agricultural Hall Association. The Parks Commission mandate is to develop, maintain and operate all community parks on the Pender Islands.

Bylaw 2518, 8th October, 1997 - sets out the mandate of The Pender Island Recreation and Agricultural Hall Association to be responsible and the organization and conduct of recreation programs on the Pender Islands. The agreement is for a term of five years renewable for a further five years.


Pender Islands Community Parks Master Plan This plan sets out the mandate, role of the Parks Commissioners, philosophy, goals and objectives, sources of parkland, types of park resources, budget strategy and parks for the future strategy. It is to be revised every 5 years.

Bylaw 2660, November 25, 1998, amended the Parks Regulations Bylaw particularly in reference to penalties for breaking the regulations.


anemonegreen 166x166 sqBylaw 2747 December 5, 1999, Procedural Bylaw No.1 to regulate the Proceedings of the Capital Regional District Board. This Bylaw sets out the manner in which the CRD meetings and committees are to be organized and run.


Bylaw 2875 March 14, 2001 amends CRD Bylaw 2515. It limits the number of consecutive two year terms a commissioner may serve to three and the maximum term the Chair may serve to two consecutive years. Under unique circumstance the Director may extend these terms.


Bylaw 2970 March 27, 2002 repeals Bylaw 2525 and establishes the continuation of the Parks Commission for the Pender Islands.

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