honeybee 220x136 hhPIPRC Parks may be reserved for special events such as weddings, birthdays or celebrations. A description of the guidelines and an application form are provided below.

PIPRC Park & Recreation Administration Concerns

The Pender Islands Parks & Recreation Commission has several park maintenance concerns when an event occurs within one of the parks under its jurisdiction. These concerns have given rise to the formulation of a Park Use policy. Park Use policies are also beneficial to islanders, though some may not be aware of increasing pressures on the integrity of local parks.

PIPRC Park & Recreation Bylaws

Events occurring within a PIPRC jurisdiction park are also expected to comply at all times with PIPRC bylaws. A copy of the PIPRC bylaws accompanies this package for event organization/party perusal.

Park Preservation

The impact of a large group or function within a PIPRC park may result in wear and tear on the park and its facilities. When impacts occur at high frequency, a park is often unable to recover to its natural state. Long term damage can then occur. The potential for long term damage is commensurate with the number of people in a park at one time, their activities and the duration of their stay. A damage deposit is required to account for these variables.

Impact on Park Infrastructure

PIPRC has a limited ability to supply water, outhouse facilities, food preparation and delivery facilities, recreational infrastructure or parking. Parks are not geared to the supply of any of these on any scale. In particular, outhouses found in PIPRC parks are designed solely for limited, local use. The commission therefore reserves the right to suggest alternative or augmented venues or locations for any proposed park function. In the case of outhouses, for example, an event of any size is expected to provide their own facilities. The PIPRC has one portable toilet available for rent.

Park Events and the Park's Surroundings

All parks on the Pender Islands are part of a larger local environment. Where large numbers of people show up at a park all at one time a function must be arranged in such a way as to limit possible overflows onto the park's surroundings. Prior knowledge by the Parks & Recreation Commission of the occurrence of such events allows the Parks & Recreation Commission to be proactive. The Commission may, at its discretion, require a event to keep within certain bounds, inform neighbours of the event in advance, and think in terms of possible changes in park layout so as to minimize event spillover beyond current park boundaries.

Public Access

The issue of continued public access to a PIPRC Park where a large private (not open to the general public) activity is occurring has been raised for Commission consideration. The commission wishes wherever possible to maintain public access to all park areas even when large events are occurring. The PIPRC does expect, however, for common sense to prevail. Where an organization is looking for exclusive Park use for a period of time then a) any posting of exclusive Park use must occur only by the PIPRC and b) the organization should pay a fee ($50/day) to PIPRC as compensation for this special consideration. Special application to the PIPRC must accompany the event application to receive PIPRC consideration in this regard.

If it is necessary for a park to be closed for public use by a private event, the PIPRC will endeavour to provide unobtrusive trail use through the park for the general public.


Damage to PIPRC park improvements either in structure or function as a consequence of an event can occur during any large park function. Such heavy use may, at a minimum, accelerate the aging of the improvements and may also result in overt damage. In either case the results are the same: PIPRC maintenance costs in addition to those normally expected and budgeted for by the Commission. A damage fee helps defray such costs.


Notification and application to PIPRC before an event allows the PIPRC to notify nearby public services such as the local fire department, so that any call for their services can be expedited.


The PIPRC is unable to provide liability insurance for participants during the course of an event other than through the mechanisms provided to it through the offices of the CRD. The CRD has specific issues that are addressed as part of its risk management policy and thus becomes part of PIPRC park event policy. If any additional liability issues are known to the organizers of an event they are required to provide evidence to the PIPRC and if necessary, the CRD, of such additional insurance obtained directly by the organization covering the event/participants on or before the beginning of the event.

Good Citizen Issues

The organization/party sponsoring and conducting the event in a PIPRC park must monitor the behaviour of its participants so as to contain undue noise, to maintain respect for the surrounding community and to remain in compliance with the PIPRC parks use bylaws.

Overall Parks Use Guidelines & PIPRC Bylaws

PIPRC park use guidelines are formulated from the above considerations. The appropriate Park use bylaws also apply and if there is a conflict between the bylaws and any guideline stated herein then the bylaws hold precedent with all other guidelines remaining in force.

PIPRC has established these guidelines on the basis of equal treatment as much as is possible. Additional concerns will be addressed as they appear. It is the PIPRC's wish and hope that all damage deposit monies received will always be returned. The extra care in planning that an organization/party takes to ensure that a park is in as good or better condition than it was prior to the event will go a long way to ensure damage deposit return.

Parks Use

This package is directed to all who would use any PIPRC park for any group function. The PIPRC parks specifically considered by this package include:

  • Shingle Bay Park
  • Thieves Bay Park
  • Disc Park
  • North End of Magic Lake
  • South End of Magic Lake
  • Mortimer Spit
  • Danny Martin (Ball) Park
  • Lilias Spalding Heritage Park

It is to be noted that some restrictions as to the nature of activities allowed within a park may apply to remain in accordance with park bylaws. If in doubt check with a Park & Recreation Commissioner.

Package Contents include an application form, before and after park condition reports, an event organization planner, guidelines governing PIPRC park use, and fee schedules.

Whenever possible, a completed application should be submitted to PIPRC one month prior to the event.

The park function application form may be obtained by asking any P1 Parks & Recreation Commissioner and may be submitted to any Commissioner upon completion.

Costs, Fees & Damage Deposit
As your function is occurring on a public park, certain costs, fees and a damage deposit may be required. An impact assessment is enclosed with each application package. These costs are in addition to any rentals your event may require.

Park Event Certificate
Upon completion of the application process a Park Event Certificate will be issued by the PIPRC to the party/organization, thereby authorizing the organization to hold the event in the requested PIPRC park as specified. Both parties acknowledge their respective liabilities with their signatures to this certificate.