We envision minimizing waste disposal and maximizing waste diversion.

hartland-staff-tourThe CRD’s comprehensive and ever-evolving solid waste management system minimizes waste and maximizes resource recovery. The Environmental Resource Management Service operates the landfill, oversees solid waste planning, explores opportunities for resource recovery and identifies best practices to further reduce waste, increase recycling and mitigate climate change. The CRD seeks the best use for waste resources through initiatives such as methane gas capture and the diversion of kitchen scraps from the landfill.

Owned and operated by the CRD, Hartland Landfill is a multi-purpose site which, in additional to landfill services for general refuse and controlled waste, provides drop off for recycling, organics and household hazardous waste. Approximately 140,000 tonnes of garbage is received annually from commercial and residential customers.

Key activities related to our commitment to landfill & recycling are outlined in the following plans and strategies:

  • The Solid Waste Management Plan outlines the CRD's strategies on solid waste management and diversion programs with an eye to extending the life of Hartland Landfill to 2100 and beyond.
  • The CRD Board Priorities confirm the CRD’s vision, mission and mandate and set the long-term strategic direction for the CRD in order to respond to community needs.
  • The CRD Corporate Plan outlines how the CRD will respond to community needs and deliver on the CRD Board Priorities, ongoing service commitments and approved plans over four years.

The Environmental Services Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board on policies and initiatives related to landfill & recycling.