Under agreement with Recycle BC, the CRD provides recycling collection services to 123,000 single family homes in the region. The program, regulated by the Province of BC, is funded by producers of packaging and paper products.

To participate have your recyclables at the curb by 7:30am on your collection day and utilize at least one CRD blue box or blue bag to indicate to the recycling truck driver the materials are intended for this program. There is no need to register to participate in the program.

Collection schedule

Visit our Blue Box Schedules page to:

  • Find your next scheduled collection day
  • Subscribe for bi-weekly reminders via email, voicemail or Twitter
  • Download the RecycleCRD app
  • Sign up for service alerts (eg. inclement weather, holidays)
  • Download the schedule into your electronic calendar
  • Print your own calendar
  • Note - With the exception of Christmas and New Years Days, collection proceeds as usual on holidays.

Items accepted

The program is for the collection and recycling of packaging containers, cardboard, newsprint and mixed paper.

To meet Recycle BC processing and quality standards and ensure that items placed out by residents get to recycling markets, items are collected in three separate material streams. This ensures that materials such as glass are kept separate from paper fibres and plastics so each stream can be efficiently sorted for processing into new materials.

  1. Paper, Boxboard and Cardboard
  2. Metal, Plastic and Paper Containers
  3. Glass Bottles and Jars

Visit the Recycle BC website for complete list of items accepted and posters.

Note: all items accepted for recycling are banned from residential garbage.

Glass bottles and jars

Glass bottles and jars must be kept separate from your other containers. An old plastic tub or pail can be used to contain your clean glass containers. Cardboard boxes, paper bags or plastic bags are not suitable receptacles for your glass containers. While not required, pink "Glass Bottles and Jars Only" labels are available by contacting Emterra at 250.385.4399 or by email. These are helpful in designating your glass collection bin.

Clean recyclables

There are several reasons we need to ensure that containers are clean when placed at the curb, such as:

  • Dirty containers smell and may attract animals, rodents and insects (including wasps and bees). Learn more about waste and wildlife
  • Health risks to drivers and processing plant staff from pathogens and mold that can become airborne
  • Safety risks if a container has bleach residue or other potentially dangerous substances in it
  • Dirt and debris can damage recycling equipment and other manufacturing equipment
  • Heavily soiled items may end up being sent to landfill

To prepare pizza boxes for recycling, empty them of all food waste, liners and inserts. Tear off lid or fold in half and place out with your cardboard.

CRD blue boxes and bags

The program provides residents with one CRD blue box and two blue bags per home. If you are a new resident or require a replacement blue box or blue bag, please contact our collection contractor, Emterra Environmental, at 250.385.4399 or by email.

Boxes and bags are also available for pick up at the following locations. Call first to ensure availability.

  • All residents (Emterra Environmental)
    304 John Street, 250.385.4399
  • Central Saanich residents
    1903 Mt. Newton X Rd, 250.652.4444
  • Colwood residents
    3300 Wishart Road, 250.478.5999
  • Langford residents (bags only)
    877 Goldstream Avenue, 250.478.7882
  • Metchosin residents
    4450 Happy Valley Road, 250.474.3167
  • North Saanich residents
    1620 Mills Road, 250.656.0781
  • Sidney residents
    2440 Sidney Avenue, 250.656.1184
  • Sooke and area residents
    2205 Otter Point Road, 250.642.1634
  • View Royal residents
    45 View Royal Avenue, 250.479.6800
  • Westshore residents (GFL Environmental formerly Alpine Disposal)
    1045 Dunford Avenue, 250.474.5145

Use of other boxes and bags

While the CRD blue box size promotes efficient, safe lifting and limits items that are too heavy and too large, other plastic boxes or bins may be utilized as well. Look for receptacles that are similar in size to a CRD blue box (see dimensions below), as the recycling truck driver lifts and empties over 2,000 boxes and bags every collection day. Receptacles placed out in addition to a CRD blue box or bag do not have to be blue or contain the recycling symbol. Cardboard boxes and paper bags are not suitable receptacles for the container stream and glass. Plastic bags are also not suitable for containing recyclables at the curb, materials left in plastic bags will not be collected. 

CRD blue boxes are 47 litres (12 gallons) and measure 48 x 40 x 31cm or 19 x 16 x 13" (L x W x H).

Note: The recycling bins measuring 15.5" high available through Home Hardware are an acceptable size and may be used.

Missed collection

If your recycling has not been picked up by 6pm on your collection day, check to ensure your materials have been prepared and placed out properly or if they have been tagged with a preparation sticker. If there does not appear to be an issue, leave your items at the curb and contact Emterra Environmental at 250.385.4399 by 11am the following business day.

There is no limit to the amount of material you may place at the curb.

You can also drop your recyclables off for free at Recycle BC depots in the region.

Inclement weather


  • Secure your materials on windy days to ensure your recycling doesn’t litter your neighbourhood.
  • Place your blue box on top of cardboard.
  • Pinch tops of blue bags by folding down or placing under box.
  • Consider placing your items out in the morning (by 7:30am).

Ice and Snow

  • Hold on to your recyclables until your next collection day should service be affected by unsafe road conditions. There is no limit to the amount of material you may place at the curb.
  • You can also drop your recyclables off for free at Recycle BC depots in the region.
  • Subscribe for service alerts through our Blue Box Schedules page.

Scavenging and identity theft

Three tips to reduce risk of scavengers rummaging through your recyclables:

  • Do not include refundable beverage containers. Return to depot, retailer or donate to bottle drive or community donation bin.
  • Remove any personal information and shred sensitive paperwork. Place shredded paper inside a paper bag or box (e.g. cereal box, shoe box) to keep it secure and prevent litter.
  • Place your recyclables at the curb in the morning (by 7:30am) on your collection day.

Multi-family buildings

  • For information on recycling services available to your multi-family residential complex, please contact your waste hauler.
  • Learn more about collection services in the region.

More about Recycle BC

Recycle BC is the industry association that is responsible for residential recycling of packaging and printed paper in the Province, as required under the BC Recycling Regulation. These services are provided through a combination of curbside collection, drop-off depots and multi-family residential programs.

Where to recycle other items

Have extra items? Want to recycle styrofoam, plastic bags and overwrap or other flexible plastic packaging? Click here for a list of Recycle BC Depots in the region.

Visit myrecyclopedia.ca to learn what else you can recycle.

Winter Weather

Hold on to your recyclables until your next collection day should service be affected by unsafe road conditions.

Free Drop-off

Missed your collection or have extra items to drop off? Find a Recycle BC drop-off location.


Missed collection, replacement blue boxes and blue bags:

What to include, preparation information: