A CRD worker at the water lab looks to camera while testing water readings.Stewardship of our drinking water supply means careful management of the systems that bring the water from the source to your tap, helping to ensure safe and sustainable drinking water for today and into the future.

The CRD carefully manages the supply and delivery of safe and sustainable drinking water through the Regional Water Supply System serving Greater Victoria, and distributes water directly to customers in several municipalities and electoral areas. Delivering safe drinking water from source to tap includes protecting the source, disinfecting the water and monitoring water quality, operating and maintaining transmission and distribution systems and investing in infrastructure renewal.

Desired Outcome

Safe drinking water and a resilient water supply

Key Strategies & Plans

  • The Regional Water Supply Strategic Plan sets commitments and identifies strategic priorities and actions, with a planning horizon to the year 2050 that will guide the future direction for the service.
  • The 2022-2050 Regional Water Supply Master Plan recommends infrastructure projects to be implemented over the next 30 years based on the projected population, the impacts of climate change, water treatment requirements resulting from changing raw water quality characteristics and regulatory requirements.
  • The Regional Growth Strategy is a vision for the future of the capital region, guiding decisions on regional issues such as transportation, population growth and settlement patterns.

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