We envision efficient and effective management of the region’s wastewater through advanced management of wastewater and stormwater. 

wastewater-staffCRD wastewater management services prioritize the health of residents and the environment. We work with municipalities, electoral areas and industry to ensure consistent wastewater management, while protecting urban and rural watersheds and the marine environment.

Wastewater services manage liquid waste, septic systems, and wastewater collection, treatment and disposal infrastructure across the region. Five of the six secondary wastewater treatment plants we operate are in the electoral areas.

Programs related to management and impact stormwater and wastewater have regulatory requirements under the various permits, registrations, operational certificates, bylaws and liquid waste management plans that reflect requirements under various provincial and federal regulations. The CRD works with our regulators to ensure programs meet all regulatory requirements and that additional scientific research is done as necessary.

Anticipated initiatives, staffing, timing and service level requirements for the year ahead are outlined each year in the Wastewater Community Need Summary.

Key activities related to our commitment to wastewater management are outlined in the following plans and strategies:

  • The Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan outlines wastewater management strategies for the cities of Victoria, Langford and Colwood, the districts of Oak Bay and Saanich, the Township of Esquimalt and the Town of View Royal.
  • The CRD Board Priorities confirm the CRD’s vision, mission and mandate and set the long-term strategic direction for the CRD in order to respond to community needs.
  • The CRD Corporate Plan outlines how the CRD will respond to community needs and deliver on the CRD Board Priorities, ongoing service commitments and approved plans over four years.

The Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee, Electoral Areas Committee and the Saanich Peninsula Wastewater Commission provide recommendations and advice to the Board on items related to local and sub-regional wastewater systems and management.