Working Together to Rethink Waste

The CRD has spent the last several years developing a new management plan to reduce how much material is sent to Hartland Landfill and guide how the region's solid waste is managed in a safe, secure and sustainable way now and in the future.

Following a second phase of public engagement in winter 2020, the CRD Board approved a final Solid Waste Management Plan for the region and next steps for implementation in May 2021.

The final Plan includes strategies and actions for reducing and managing all streams of solid waste—including recyclables, compostable material and garbage—with an eye to extending the life of Hartland Landfill to 2100 and beyond.

This Plan was submitted to the Province of BC for approval in August 2021. After determining priority areas for the first three years of the Plan, staff presented a short-term work plan to the CRD Board.

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