A solid waste management plan is a legally mandated document by the Province of British Columbia. The original CRD Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) was approved by the Minister of Environment in 1989. There have been two subsequent revisions to the original plan plus eight amendments.

In 2012, the CRD started the development of Revision 3 and appointed a Public and Technical Advisory Committee. Work on the new plan was put on hold in 2015 to investigate integrated resource management opportunities.

In March 2018, the Board directed staff to resume work on the plan and appointed a new Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

Plan Development

The Guide to Solid Waste Management Planning outlines four steps in developing a plan. The steps are outlined below and include documents produced between 2012 and 2014.

Stage 1 - Initiate Progress

  • Regional Board resolution
  • Stakeholder notification
  • Establish planning team and committee
  • Develop the budget
  • Design the consultation process

Stage 2 - Set the Plan Direction

Stage 3 - Evaluate Options

  • Develop potential strategies
  • Assess the financial and administrative impacts
  • Consult the public on the strategy options

Stage 4 - Prepare and Adopt the Plan

  • Prepare the draft plan
  • Consult the public
  • Prepare plan for submission
  • Submit plan to Minister for approval
  • Ministry review and approval
  • CRD Board adoption


CRD Solid Waste Management Plan

Ministry of Environment

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