What's New?

On October 14, 2020 the CRD Board directed staff to proceed with a second phase of community and local government consultation on the draft solid waste management plan. This phase will include targeted stakeholder engagement with residents in the areas of Hartland Avenue, Prospect Lake, Willis Point and Highlands and will incorporate the findings of an independent traffic study that reviewed the CRD's operational reasons for relocating commercial vehicle access to Hartland Landfill.  

Working Together to Rethink Waste

The CRD is developing a new solid waste management plan—the plan that guides how the region will manage solid waste in the coming years, including recyclables, compostable material and garbage from homes, businesses and institutions, as well as construction and demolition sites. Managing solid waste is a responsibility shared by all of us.

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There have been significant changes to the way in which we think about and manage waste. A new plan will ensure we continue to manage solid waste in the best way possible. This plan is looking at ways to extend the life of the Hartland Landfill beyond 2100, by significantly reducing waste and reusing/recycling materials and considering future landfill design options. The aim is to reduce our waste from 380 kg per capita (2018 levels) to 250 kg per capita by 2030 – a reduction of more than a third.

Proposed Goals and Strategies

There are four proposed goals and 15 strategies, each with a series of actions, to help meet the proposed waste reduction target. These are described in more detail in the information sheets under New Plan Resources.

Thank You for Your Feedback

Feedback on the proposed goals and strategies has now concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Capital region residents were invited to provide feedback in person, at 21 open houses and stakeholder meetings, or by filling in an online feedback form between October 18 and December 1, 2019.

Open houses were held in Victoria, Sooke, Sidney, Colwood, Esquimalt, Saanich, Prospect Lake, as well as on Salt Spring and Pender islands. Meetings with stakeholder groups were also held including the Solid Waste Industry Liaison Group, Willis Point Community Association, non-profit recycling organizations and the South Island Mountain Bike Society (SIMBS)/Hartland-area cycling community.

All the information gathered during this first phase of consultation provides important input for consideration during the development of the draft solid waste management plan. A second round of engagement will take place before the draft plan is finalized.