We envision being leaders in accountability through transparency, organizational performance and service delivery.

_DerekFord_CRD_Budget2003127203hires-pageThe CRD leads organizational accountability through effective financial and audit reporting and corporate best practices. We continually strengthen the organization by investing in operational efficiency and transparency systems to ensure public access to CRD information, and engage employees through ongoing workforce training and development. Our Corporate Plan and Board Strategic Priorities inform service and financial planning to best serve our communities. Read more >>

Anticipated initiatives, staffing, timing and service level requirements for the year ahead are outlined each year in the Accountability Community Need Summary.

Key activities related to our commitment to accountability are outlined in and guided by the following plans and strategies:

  • The Organizational Development Plan is an internal framework of actions intended to ensure the CRD is able to continually meet its mandate, and has a culture that is engaged, adaptive, responsive and aligned with corporate priorities.
  • The Advocacy Strategy provides a framework for advocacy in support of Board priorities and in response to emerging opportunities to build partnerships with stakeholders and staff.
  • The Corporate Asset Management Strategy outlines how the CRD will manage investments while maximizing the lifespan and value of critical assets.
  • The CRD Board Priorities confirm the CRD’s vision, mission and mandate and set the long-term strategic direction for the CRD in order to respond to community needs.
  • The CRD Corporate Plan outlines how the CRD will respond to community needs and deliver on the CRD Board Priorities, ongoing service commitments and approved plans over four years.

The Finance Committee and Governance Committee provide advice and recommendations to the Board on items related to accountability.