Suspended services and reduced public access at Hartland Depot

Due to the need for social distancing household hazardous waste (including oil and paint) and renovation waste are not being accepted at the Hartland Public Drop-off Depot at this time and public access to the site has been reduced. High traffic volumes are causing congestion and delays. Priority needs to be given to commercial vehicles. Please store non-putrescible waste (material that doesn’t rot or attract animals) until after the COVID-19 health emergency. Learn more >>


Hartland landfill is owned and operated by the CRD and is located about 14 km northwest of Victoria.

Hours & Rates

Hartland operates from Monday through Saturday and is closed on Statutory holidays.


Hartland is located at #1 Hartland Avenue.

Public Drop-off Area

Recyclables, household hazardous waste, reusable items, mattresses, yard and garden material as well as small loads of garbage are accepted.

Banned Items

A list of materials that are strictly prohibited from landfill disposal at Hartland.

Controlled Waste Disposal

Controlled waste disposal at Hartland landfill requires a permit. Environmental Protection staff respond to enquiries regarding wastes, review applications and issue controlled waste permits.

Asbestos Disposal

The Hartland Landfill accepts asbestos waste for disposal on an appointment basis.

Environmental Monitoring

The Hartland Landfill Environmental Programs provide a comprehensive program to monitor and evaluate the effects of landfilling operations on the environment.

New & Continuing Registered Account Customer Information

Information for new or current customers, including frequently asked questions and an application form.

Renovation and Demolition Waste

Hartland Landfill accepts clean (non-asbestos containing) renovation waste for disposal through a pre-approval application for residential loads, and through a clean demo permit for commercial and/or self tipping loads. Read more >>