Are you the owner of a septic system?

Septic Systems are an important Wastewater Treatment option for homeowners in the Capital Region.  Also known as Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems,  they provide household disposal of wastewater where sewers are either unavailable or too expensive.  Currently, septic systems serve about 26, 000 households in our region.  If your system is working properly, it is an environmentally friendly and economically sound treatment option.

They key difference in being connected to the sanitary sewer system and being connected to a septic system is that the homeowner is completely responsible for operation and maintenance of their onsite wastewater treatment system.  This is no small feat.  Homeowners need to know where all their system components are located and how the system treats wastewater before discharging to the environment.  Most importantly, homeowners need to ensure regular maintenance and monitoring of their system.  

The CRD provides information materials to help support owners of onsite wastewater treatment systems, on our Septic System Resources page.  We also offer free Septic Savvy Workshops for residents to learn how septic systems work and how to save money with proper maintenance.

The CRD has a maintenance Bylaw in effect in Colwood, Langford, Saanich and View Royal that sets timelines for maintenance.  Please visit our Septic Maintenance Bylaw page for more information. 

2017 Workshops Dates

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Be Septic Savvy this Summer

View our Septic Systems Resources page to download your household information kit, watch video's and more.