About the System

The Magic Lake Estates Water System is located on the south shore of North Pender Island in the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area and provides drinking water to approximately 1,036 service connections. CRD Integrated Water Services is responsible for the overall operation of the water system with day-to-day operation and maintenance, design and construction of water system facilities provided by the CRD Infrastructure Engineering and Operations Divisions. The quality of drinking water provided to customers in the Magic Lake Estates Water System is overseen by the CRD Water Quality Division.

System Information

Water Restrictions

Current Conservation Stage: Stage 1

Every drop counts! Visit our resource page for more ways to use water wisely.

Water Conservation Bylaw 4492

The Electoral Area Water Conservation Bylaw (4492) is in effect May 1 to September 30, unless otherwise authorized by the General Manager of Integrated Water Services. 

Lawn Watering Schedule:

  • Stage 1 – Watering only permitted once per week between the hours of 4-10am or 7-10pm.
  • Stage 2 – Watering only permitted once every two weeks between the hours of 4-10am or 7-10pm.
  • Stage 3 – Watering not permitted.

Source Water

The Magic Lake Estates Water System obtains its drinking water from two surface water sources: Buck Lake and Magic Lake (formerly called Lake Pender). Buck Lake is the principal water source for the water system and is a man-made lake created by the construction of an earthen dam to divert Shingle Creek into the impounded area. Magic Lake is also a man-made source formed by raising the water level with earthen dams.

Water Treatment Process

The Magic Lake water system was upgraded in 2013 to include one centralized treatment plant consisting of dissolved air flotation, filtration, disinfection with ultra violet light and chlorine (liquid sodium hypochlorite) disinfection, and a new 165,000 imperial gallon storage tank (Frigate Tank).

Distribution System

Disinfected water is pumped from the new treatment plant to both the distribution system and Frigate and Captain Storage tanks. Drinking water is distributed to customers using a network of 150mm, 100mm, 50mm PVC water mains. Service connections are provided to the property line with curb stops and individual household meters. Service from the property line to the dwelling is the homeowners’ responsibility. The distribution system contains both fire hydrants and standpipes.

Water and Sewer Emergencies: 1.855.822.4426

When phoning with respect to an emergency, please specify to the operator the service area in which the emergency has occurred.

General Inquiries: 1.800.663.4425

Water Conservation: 

Water conservation questions or concerns, email us at waterplanning@crd.bc.ca

Emergency Notifications

Register for the Emergency Notification System to receive drinking water related notifications such as boil water advisories. This system is also used to notify Electoral Area residents in the event of a disaster or emergency such as earthquakes, tsunami warnings, or hazardous spills.