morningbeachgaliano 220x136 hhRecognizing that some people will wish to memorialize family or friends in a way that enhances the public enjoyment of community parks, trails, and shore accesses on Galiano, the Galiano Island Parks and Recreation Commission establishes this policy to provide guidelines for these memorials.

Types of Memorials

A typical memorial on Galiano Island takes the form of a plaque on a bench situated at a scenic viewpoint or resting place. The Commission will consider other forms of memorials on a case by case basis.

Locations on Galiano Island

The Commission will work with the donor to choose a site that meets the needs of both the donor and the community. The Commission is ultimately responsible for the siting of structures on public lands in its jurisdiction and must approve the location for the memorial. When looking at a location for the memorial, the Commission typically considers issues such as safety and environmental impact, as well as how the bench fits the needs of the community.


The memorial must meet the standards established by the Commission for safety and durability. The Commission will recommend a standard bench and plaque that have proved successful in the past. The Commission may consider other suggested benches if they meet these standards.


leafchange02 166x166 sqThe Commission will take care of routine maintenance of the bench. The Commission and the donor understand that the memorial will be sited in a public place, and although the Commission expects visitors to respect public property, there remains the possibility that the memorial could be damaged or destroyed. Should the bench be vandalized to the extent that it is an eyesore or is dangerous, the Commission will notify the donor, who has the option of paying to repair or replace the bench. Should the donor choose not to do so, the Commission may remove the memorial.


No public funds will be spent on setting up a memorial. The donor will pay for the actual cost of purchasing, transporting, and installing the bench. The Commission will provide the donor with an estimate of these costs, which are to be paid before the project begins. Once built, the bench is public property.

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Do you wish to create a memorial in a Galiano Island Park?

Contact the Galiano Island Parks and Recreation Commission. The Commission may need to notify the donor of news about the memorial. Please advise us of any change of address.

Additional Opportunities

The Capital Regional District offers a variety of legacy and memorial options: