The Galiano Parks and Recreation Commission acquires trail rights-of-way and builds and maintains trails on Galiano for the use and enjoyment of the community.

Sturdies Bay Trail

ph-sturdiestrail 166x166 sqThe Commission’s Sturdies Bay Trail links the village at the Sturdies Bay Ferry Terminal with the markets and shops at the junction of Georgeson Bay and Porlier Pass Roads. Starting just north of Burrill Road, the trail through the forest parallels Sturdies Bay Road and provides a safe and pleasant alternative to walking on the shoulder of this busy road.

A Trails Plan for Galiano

Responding to repeated requests for more trails on Galiano, the Commission engaged experienced community planning consultant Judith Cullington to help with a study and community consultation to explore opportunities for creating public trails and to develop a long-range plan for island trails. The project was called: "Tomorrow’s Trails: A Trail Network Plan for Galiano Island."

The final report for the "Trail Network Plan," which you can download at the right, brings together available information on existing legal hiking and general-use trails on Galiano Island. The report also summarizes the input from extensive public consultation on where community members would like to see trails in the future. Desirable trail connections between centres of activity (ferry terminal, school, parks, stores...) and through natural and scenic areas on various parts of the island are indicated in broad strokes, leaving details of actual paths, and the properties they will cross, to future decision.

The Trail Network Plan is to be a 'living document,' part of the Commission's Master Plan, and will guide the work of the Galiano Island Parks and Recreation Commission by identifying areas where new trails should be acquired and/or formalized as the opportunity arises. This report can also serve as a resource for other agencies interested in the planning and implementation of trails for non-motorized recreation and transportation on Galiano Island.

Before You Go

When walking our trails, please respect adjacent private property and leave no trace of your visit or the visit of your dog. Leave the treasures that you find for others to enjoy. Trails are designed for foot traffic only. Please leave your bicycles at the trail head and enjoy the trail on foot.

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Trail Network Plan Project

Read the final report of the Trail Network Plan project. The main report includes the key for the accompanying maps.