Partners with SSIPARC

Working Together for Our Community & Environment

Community parks and recreation enhance our quality of life. Being active, learning, enjoying and appreciating nature are good for our health and well-being. Recreational pursuits can also enhance family relationships, provide youth direction and individual fulfillment. Our participation in community programs and activities helps foster friendships and builds a stronger community.

Community organizations and individuals choose to become partners with SSIPARC because of these many benefits. The Partners with SSIPARC program enables the community and SSIPARC to work together to provide facilities, programs and parkland which enrich our community.

The SSIPARC Legacy Program

bench 220x136 hhOne way you can become a partner with SSIPARC is through the SSIPARC Legacy Program. The Legacy Program seeks your donations of money, land or other assets. These gifts benefit our community, and become your legacy to the future of Salt Spring Island. Your gifts help foster a sense of community involvement and community pride.

There are many reasons why a person, group or business might choose to gift to SSIPARC:

  • to commemorate a great occasion or achievement
  • to celebrate a birthday or anniversary
  • to improve their favourite park
  • to assist in developing new programs
  • to acquire new facilities
  • in remembrance of someone in a way that genuinely reflects those places of activities that have provided particular pleasure in life
  • just for the joy of it

Tax Advantages

A donation to the Partners with SSIPARC program has tax advantages beneficial to you and or your family or organization. A donation of cash or property may:

  • provide a tax credit
  • provide an even better tax credit if the donation is in the form of securities
  • educe taxes on your estate if provided in a will
  • provide immediate tax credit and lessen probate fees if SSIPARC is the owner and beneficiary of an insurance policy
  • provide virtually tax-free income if you are 70 or over and the income is derived from a charitable gift annuity

These are just a few of the ways that you can become a Partner with SSIPARC and benefit form reduced income or corporate taxes and probate fees. Consult your financial advisor or call SSIPARC to discuss the advantages of charitable giving.

Gift Ideas

  • benches, with commemorative plaques, placed in a scenic area of a park or other favourite spot
  • playgrounds
  • picnic tables
  • water fountains
  • covered picnic area
  • bicycle racks
  • development of trails
  • parkland

The possibilities are endless — your own ideas are welcomed.

Previous Partner Comments

By contributing to the SSIPARC Legacy Program, your gift will benefit many people for years to come.

"Our family is pleased to have a resting spot in Duck Creek Park to commemorate our mother's love for peaceful places."
— Paul Madsen and family

"As a tennis player, I was pleased to contribute the seed money to acquire an additional court, in co-operation with the B.C. Lottery and SSIPARC."
— Anonymous Partner

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