crowsmeeting 220x136 hhThe activities of the Galiano Island Parks and Recreation Commission are defined by a set of bylaws enacted by the Capital Regional District (CRD). The relevant bylaws are summarized here.

The full text of each bylaw is available in the Document Library.


Bylaw No. 3486, 14 November 2007 Continued the Galiano Island Parks and Recreation Commission; replaces Bylaw No. 2968.
Bylaw No. 2851, 13 December 2000 Established the capital reserve fund for the Commission.
Bylaw No. 2404, 10 July 1996 To establish a Parks Commission for the Pender Islands.
Bylaw No. 2390, 12 June 1996 Redefined the Community Recreation Program service area for the Commission to coincide with the boundaries of the Galiano Island Local Trust Committee; amends Bylaw No. 1463.

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