trametesversifungus 220x136 hhThe Commission’s Master Plan provides a direction and focus for the planning, acquisition, development, operation and maintenance of CRD community parks, shore accesses and hiking and multi-use trails and the planning and development of community recreational opportunities for the Galiano service area. To remain flexible and responsive to the needs and wishes of a changing community and to incorporate what we have accomplished since the last Master Plan, the Commission is committed to updating the Master Plan every five years. This plan represents a review and updating of the 2007 Master Plan.

GIPRC Community Parks, Trails and Shore Accesses 2014

  1. North Galiano
  2. Mid Galiano North
  3. Mid Galiano South
  4. South Galiano

Trail Network Planning Map

  1. North Galiano
  2. Mid Galiano
  3. South Galiano

© Image courtesy of Mary Sanseverino