ph-skatepark 166x268 tallThe Galiano Island Parks and Recreation Commission receives tax dollars to provide recreation services for the community in a way similar to those offered by community centres in larger jurisdictions. Rather than providing these programs directly, the Commission usually funds recreation services provided by local organizations. Given the many diverse needs and interests of the residents on Galiano, it is essential that these funds be allocated in as equitable a manner possible to serve our community.

Funded Programs

The Commission disburses a major portion of its recreation funding to the Galiano Activity Centre, which acts as an umbrella organization administering monies necessary to offer the Summer Children’s Program, oversee the Fitness Centre, sponsor the Continuing Education Program and provide ad hoc funding for material needs of various local sports groups. The Commission distributes the remainder of the funds to community organizations who organize and carry out recreation programs on the Island.

Criteria for Funding

The criteria for funding as set down by the Capital Regional District state that: “Community Recreation can include funding recreational activities and purchasing (moveable) recreation equipment but not capital equipment or capital upgrades. Recreation funds can also be spent on such things as room rentals needed for recreation programs, wages for programmers, operating supplies, etc. Art shows, concerts, or other forms of ‘entertainment’ are generally not considered recreation programs.”

Applying for Funding

Applications for funding should be submitted by April 15, 2024 for programs planned for the summer of 2024 through spring of 2025. The Commission will review all applications at its May meeting and notify applicants shortly thereafter regarding their applications. Funds will be available in June 2024.

Applications are evaluated as a group with a goal toward benefiting as large and diverse group of islanders as possible, from serving the needs of our youngest residents to meeting the interests of our more senior members. Programs must be open to the entire community. When requests for funding exceed the limited funds available to the Commission, some programs might not receive full funding, but it is the Commission’s intent to be as responsive to the needs of the community as possible.

For questions about recreation funding, contact a Commissioner.

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