Led by the General Manager of Planning and Protective Services, this department provides programs and services that promote community well-being, safety and resilience.

Building Inspection

The Building Inspection division is responsible for the regulation of construction, alteration, repair or demolition of buildings and structures within the Capital Regional District’s three electoral areas (Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands) to help ensure compliance with the BC Building Code.  Building Inspection staff issue building permits, complete inspections and field reviews, and keep records on file for future reference. Building Code regulations applied include, among other aspects, structural adequacy, fire safety, occupant health and safety, and energy efficiency. 

Protective Services

Protective Services is focused on planning, administration and operation of public safety, emergency management and response, bylaw, and animal care services at the regional, sub-regional and local level. Bylaw and Animal Care respond to complaints, seek voluntary compliance, and use regulatory and legal enforcement options to enforce bylaws. Emergency management services necessary to protect public safety include emergency planning and response for the Electoral Areas, Hazmat Response, 9-1-1 Call Answer, Regional Emergency Management Support, Fire Dispatch, Fire Protection, Corporate Emergency Management, and Search and Rescue.

Health & Capital Planning Strategies

The Health and Capital Planning Strategies division provides overall administrative and operational support to community health, public health bylaws and the Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) and the CRHD Board of Directors. The CRHD is an entity established by the Hospital District Act to provide through property taxation the local share of capital funding to construct, renovate and maintain health facilities and equipment in the region.

Regional Housing

The Regional Housing division is divided into three service areas: the Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC); Planning and Capital Projects; and Housing Planning, Policy, and Programs.  The CRHC oversees the operations and maintenance of nearly 2000 units of quality housing.  In response to the growing demand for affordable and accessible housing, the Regional Housing division provides low- and moderate-income individuals and families with safe, suitable housing solutions throughout the region.

Juan de Fuca Local Area Services

The Juan de Fuca Local Area Services division includes Community Planning, Community Parks and Recreation and support for the Electoral Area Director.

The division is responsible for the development of community plans and the administration of land use regulations to provide for orderly rural growth and protection of the environment.

The division prepares, administers and amends official community plans and zoning bylaws with advice from various commissions and recommendations from the Juan de Fuca Land Use Committee to the Board. The division also provides administrative and technical support to the Board of Variance and reviews various external planning matters.

The division is also responsible for the acquisition, development, and maintenance of community parks and the provision of recreation programming, including oversight of operation and maintenance of the Port Renfrew Community Centre. 

Regional & Strategic Planning

The Regional & Strategic Planning division works in partnership with local governments, electoral areas, and external agencies to manage regional growth and its related impacts. To support this work, the division provides an information service with analysis and reporting of regional population, development, land use, transportation, housing, and employment trends. Work by this division focuses heavily on transportation-related impacts. This division is also responsible for the CRD’s Board strategic planning and corporate service planning processes.