Financial Services

Financial Services provides financial reporting and internal controls, upholds the fiduciary responsibility to manage the assets of the District and provides guidance for the overall financial stability of the District. This division is in charge of budgeting, the five year financial plan, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, financial reporting and financial statements, contracts, investing and safeguarding financial assets. The division also provides corporate-wide administrative services such as printing and internal interoffice mail.

Information Technology & GIS

The Information Technology and GIS Services (IT) Division's primary goal is to deliver efficient and cost-effective technology solutions that enable the CRD to meet its business and corporate objectives. The IT division accomplishes this through the provision of computer support services to all CRD staff located in 24 operating locations throughout the capital region.

Assets & Risk Management

Assets and Risk Management provides support services for CRD operations including fleet insurance, loss control services to various CRD departments, and it administers the CRD claims management process. For information on how to make a claim. Read more >>

Arts Development

The Arts Development Office manages programs that support both new and ongoing arts activity in the region. This division works with the Arts Committee, composed of elected representatives of the participating municipalities, and the Arts Advisory Council, a volunteer commission appointed by the Arts Committee that recommends policies to foster and promote the arts in the region. Read more >>