Led by the General Manager of Corporate Services, this department provides professional advice and expertise related to legislative services, information services, legal services, risk and insurance management, real estate services, First Nations relations, and electoral area administration on the Southern Gulf Islands.

Legislative Services

Legislative Services manages and provides specialized administrative support to the Board, standing and select committees including the provision of procedural advice, scheduling of meetings and preparation of agendas and minutes. This division also maintains and provides access to official corporate records including minutes, reports and bylaws; administers elections and assent voting opportunities (referendum and alternative approval process); and manages the appointments for all committees and commissions.

Privacy & Information Services

Privacy and Information Services leads activities under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, including access to information requests (FOI requests), Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), the corporate privacy management program, privacy complaints and breach reporting. This division also oversees the corporate records and information management program. 

Legal Services & Risk Management

Legal Services & Risk Management provides specialized support and direction on legal frameworks relating to local government, contracts, and bylaws. In addition, the division provides risk management services and insurance management for the entire organization.

First Nations Relations

First Nations Relations provides support to the CRD Board in achieving its stated key strategic goal of building strong relationships with First Nations, as well as to the Executive Leadership Team and division leads. Services include referral outreach, developing and maintaining service agreements, undertaking joint initiatives, and overall engagement on major regional plans, strategies and regionally-specific interests.  

Real Estate & Southern Gulf Islands Administration

The Real Estate & Southern Gulf Islands Initiatives division manages the disposal, appraisal, acquisition, and disposal of real property interests, including evaluation of the portfolio, commercial leases, subdivisions, proformas, valuations, conveyancing, registering Notices on Titles and Covenants, and land title research. In addition, the division facilitates, and coordinates initiatives taking place on the Southern Gulf Islands, including advancement of local economic development goals, and provides local administration support.