Integrated Water Services takes an environmental stance when closely aligning systems and processes to ensure high performance as well as economical and efficient service.

The basic concept for a regional integrated service delivery model is to closely align and integrate operating and infrastructure responsibilities, whether these are for our large treatment and transmissions systems or for our many smaller local community systems, and whether the focus is a potable water or reclaimed water and discharge.

Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure Operations focuses on all of the operation functions that ensure clean and safe potable water for the Capital Region, and on wastewater as a reclaimable and reusable resource. At the CRD, wastewater discharge is no longer the focus; rather, all our systems and processes are focused on looking at waste as a commodity and at water in a more holistic, renewable way. Infrastructure Operations has established leading processes and systems, and employs highly trained and qualified staff to proactively manage our valuable resource and assets. Infrastructure Operations focuses on the management and protection of our water treatment and wastewater treatment operations and related infrastructure, the regional bulk water supply infrastructure, the JdF and Saanich Peninsula distribution systems for which we are contracted, and currently for local community services functions.

Watershed Protection

The CRD has approximately 20 thousand hectares of protected water supply area lands dedicated to supplying potable water to the residents of the Greater Capital Region. Water Protection is responsible for managing these pristine natural filtration areas to secure a continuing source of high quality water in the region. With a focus on leading edge watershed operations, and proactive resource planning, staff continuously focus on preventative actions to keep the ecosystems healthy and optimal for drinking water. Read more >>

Infrastructure Engineering

Responsible for ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place and operational to meet service delivery and regulatory requirements, Infrastructure Engineering works closely in both a leadership and supportive role with the operating divisions of Integrated Water Services. This division is responsible for matters related to water supply and water reclamation planning, water reclamation treatment planning, asset management, hydrology, design and construction and project management, and infrastructure activity coordination between support for water services and local community services activities.

Customer and Technical Services

Customer and Technical Services supports all of the operating divisions in the areas of coordinated purchasing and supplies warehousing, specialized services, operations activity, and maintenance management services. Due to this centralized functionality, this division is able to support operational areas when needed in an economical and efficient manner. In addition, Customer and Technical Services provide all of the customer meter reading and storefront operations for the water distribution system in the western communities, and fleet management services to the CRD organization.