Led by the General Manager of Integrated Water Services, this department provides high quality, safe drinking water while operating and maintaining systems and carrying out capital improvements across the region.

Infrastructure Operations

The Infrastructure Operations division operates a number of drinking water and wastewater systems across the region, with a focus on providing clean and safe potable water, and wastewater collection and disposal services, while ensuring compliance with public health and environmental regulations. This division operates and proactively manages infrastructure assets that exist in the Regional Water Supply System, Juan de Fuca Water Distribution System Saanich Peninsula Water Supply System, Regional Trunk Wastewater, Saanich Peninsula Wastewater System, as well as 18 Local Service Area Small Water and Wastewater Systems in the electoral areas.

Watershed Protection

The Watershed Protection Division provides forest land management of the 20,550 hectares of the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area to ensure high-quality source drinking water for the Regional Water Supply System. With a focus on wildfire & emergency response, leading edge watershed operations, and proactive resource planning, staff continuously focus on preventative actions to keep the ecosystems healthy and optimal for drinking water.  

Infrastructure Engineering

Responsible for ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place and operational to meet service delivery and regulatory requirements, Infrastructure Engineering works closely in both a leadership and supportive role with other Integrated Water Services divisions on matters related to water and wastewater utility planning, engineering services and capital project delivery, including strategic asset management planning, engineering design and drafting, survey and mapping, dam safety inspections and administration, watershed hydrology and water supply planning.

Customer and Technical Services

Customer and Technical Services provides coordinated purchasing and supplies warehousing, specialized services, operations activity, and maintenance management services for Integrated Water Services as well as fleet management services for the CRD. Due to its centralized functionality, this division is able to support operational areas when needed in an economical and efficient manner. In addition, Customer and Technical Services provides all customer meter reading and storefront operations for the water distribution system in the western communities.