The Parks & Environmental Services Department serves the Capital Region by integrating services and initiatives that contribute to the long-term sustainability of our region’s natural environment and resources. The Region’s parks and environmental service delivery mandate is to closely align programs and services by taking a comprehensive look at our park and environmental resources, evaluating the stressors, developing guidelines and protocols for regional protection and enhancement of our parks and environmental resources, and aligning functions to ensure a holistic approach.

Parks & Environmental Services  works on establishing and protecting a network of regional parks and trails to maintain the diverse range of natural environments in the Capital Region. The CRD has implemented an environmental model which concentrates on service delivery that is fully focused on all aspects of the environment by integrating responsibilities to utilize initiatives such as recycled commodities, green energy, environmental health, carbon neutrality and the 4R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle, recover.  

Contributing to land acquisition, conservation and development, recreational services,  waste reduction, superior water quality, environmental health, ecological restoration, regional carbon neutrality, and being responsible for environmental assessment, regulatory programs and environmental education and outreach, the Parks & Environmental Services Department has 7 key areas of focus:

The Department works closely with incorporated and unincorporated areas, as well as elected officials on all environmental and parkland issues affecting the region.

Key Trends & Issues

  • Development of renewable energy
  • Integrated regulatory compliance and outreach
  • Decline in water consumption
  • Focus on climate
  • Achieving waste diversion targets
  • Increased service expectations
  • New water quality guideline limits