Led by the General Manager of Parks & Environmental Services, this department integrates services and initiatives that contribute to the long-term sustainability of our region’s natural environment and resources. 

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection provides environmental management support and expertise to the organization, municipalities and electoral areas, with a key focus on climate action; drinking water quality and quantity; integrated watershed management; and contaminant reduction, monitoring and assessment associated with both liquid and solid waste treatment. Services include scientific, technical and regulatory expertise, collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and regulators, and environmental data and research. The division is also responsible for the preparation and management of CRD liquid waste management plans and has a strong communication focus that promotes resilient and sustainable communities within healthy natural environments. 

Regional Parks

Regional Parks protects and manages more than 13,000 hectares of spectacular and easily accessible natural areas, consisting of 31 regional parks and reserves and 3 regional trails. The Regional Parks division plans and manages natural and cultural resources and infrastructure; collaborates and consults with various partners to implement strategic priorities, management plans, and service plans; oversees land acquisitions; undertakes scientific and technical work related to environmental management, conservation, and restoration; provides volunteer opportunities and delivers free and low-cost educational opportunities in the community. 

Community Recreation

The CRD develops, operates and maintains community amenities including parkland, trails, children's playgrounds and recreation centres to help ensure a high quality of life for citizens and a wide range of participatory opportunities for residents and visitors alike. 

Facilities Management & Engineering Services

Facilities Management & Engineering Services Division provides building management services and professional engineering and construction management services to a number of CRD divisions and departments. This division is also responsible for ensuring CRD engineering and project stewardship standards are maintained throughout the organization by providing leadership, engineering and construction management support for corporate projects. 

Environmental Resource Management

Environmental Resource Management aims to efficiently and effectively manage the region’s solid waste resources in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. This division is responsible for municipal solid waste management in the region, which includes the solid waste management plan, facility licensing, recycling and household hazardous waste collection programs, the regional kitchen scraps strategy, community education and support programs, landfill bans, as well as leachate and landfill gas management. Services range from planning and policy development, bylaw and contract administration to landfill operations.