Hartland Depot

To access the Hartland Depot, follow the signs to the general public scale where the attendant will direct you for unloading. Some items are charged by weight, others are subject to a recycling fee and some materials are accepted at no charge.


  • Maximum vehicle size: 5,500kg GVW
  • Extra charges will apply for business recycling
  • All loads must be covered and secured (penalties in effect)

COVID-19 protocols

Please stay home if you are sick or required to self isolate.

What to expect

  • Modified public drop-off area protocols to allow physical distancing for staff and customers
  • Distancing protocols combined with high traffic volumes periodically resulting in congestion and delays
  • Customers who have not received pre-approval for disposal of their renovation waste will be turned away
  • All regularly accepted items being received
  • Regular operating hours
  • Only credit and debit payments accepted, no cash
  • As always, all loads must be covered and secured

Prioritize - Make the most of your trip

  • Store materials from your spring cleaning and home improvement projects until you have enough for a trip
  • Give priority to waste that has the risk of attracting pests or going rancid (putrescible waste)
  • Utilize collection services available to you
  • Consider hiring a pick-up service to manage large amounts of material
  • Learn how yard waste can benefit your garden with mulching and composting practices

Alternatives – Other service providers

Consult myrecyclopedia.ca for collectors and other garbage drop-off and recycling depots in the region. Contact them directly to ensure they are open and learn about changes to their drop-off procedures.


Landfill Disposal

$110/tonne + $10 bin user fee

Diversion Streams

$110/tonne + $10 bin user fee

  • Branches and stumps (greater than 3" dia)
  • Mattresses
  • Unfinished wood waste*

*Products are limited to lumber, plywood, pallets/skids, crating, wood fencing, wood shingles, particle and fibre board. The wood can’t be pressure treated, painted or stained. Pre-approval is required for wood subflooring or wood studs removed from underneath drywall, plaster or stucco.


$59/tonne, $10 minimum

$6/residents or $26/commercial haulers

  • Tires (automotive) - rimmed (5 per visit) TSBC

No charge items

CRD residents - No charge
Businesses - $26 for Recycle BC items & books

Reusable Items Accepted

In partnership with local non-profit organizations, the following reusable items are accepted at the Hartland Depot (no charge):

  • Appliances (working - stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers)
  • Clothing (clean, dry and bagged or boxed)
  • Bicycles
  • Paint (fuller cans of new paint can be dropped off, customers can take paint)

Learn more about the collection of reusable items at Hartland Depot and donation opportunities in the community.

Questions? Contact Us

1.800.663.4425 local 3030

Cover Your Load

All loads must be covered and secured in order to reduce litter on roadways. Vehicles arriving with uncovered and/or unsecured loads will be charged double the normal fee or be subject to a fine.