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Our newest resources include activities and lesson plans designed to raise awareness and encourage thoughtful discussion about a variety of environmental topics. All were created to be completed at home or in your neighbourhood. Explore the "Education At Home" tab below to learn more about how our behaviours impact the environment, our region and how you can help.

Do you live in the capital region and want learn about environmental issues in your community and discover ways to take action to help protect the environment?

Review the tabs below for resources and information about CRD programs and services.

There are many ways we can help protect our local environment and natural resources. We have created activities, lessons and resources designed to raise awareness and encourage thoughtful discussion about how our behaviours impact the environment and our region.

Activities and resources can be adapted for any age, from preschoolers to adults, and have been designed to be completed at home or in your neighbourhood, as individuals or families.

New activities and lessons will be added on a continuing basis.

With potential ongoing changes due to the current COVID-19 public health emergency please follow the most recent information and direction from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the BC Ministry of Health before completing any of the suggested outdoor activities.

3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Lesson Plans


Drinking Water and Being Water Wise

Lesson Plans


Harbours and Watersheds

Lesson Plans


Active Transportation

Lesson Plans


Climate Action


Colouring Posters and Puzzle Pages


Online Games

Ready, Set, Sort

Watershed World
Meet Ollie the Otter, our local Watershed Warden who will take you on a learning adventure right in the middle of a watershed!
Play Now

Source Control 101
Put yourself in the shoes of our man Paul as he learns key lessons about the environmental impact of his lifestyle. The grand prize has already been awarded but you can still test your own source control IQ starting with this video.
Play Now


In the capital region, there are several bodies of water (e.g. lakes, rivers, streams) that make up our watersheds, which eventually all drain into the ocean. Find information on each watershed and harbour area including plant and wildlife information, geology and historical uses. Read more>> 

Climate Change

Addressing climate change means fundamentally re-thinking many of the big questions of civilization: where we live, how we move, what we eat, what really makes us happy. Read more>>

Drinking Water

Where does Greater Victoria's drinking water come from? Read more>>
How much water is in the Sooke Lake Reservoir this week? Read more>>
How is our drinking water protected? Read more>>
What is the quality of our drinking water? Read more>>

Recycling and Garbage

Where does our garbage go? Read more>>
What can be recycled and where? Read more>>
What are the rules and regulations behind managing our waste? Read more>>

Regional Parks

Which parks are regional? Read more>>
Find a park. Read more>>
Can I cycle in regional parks? Read more>>
Frequently Asked Questions Read more>>

Down the Drain

In our region, anything that goes down a drain inside a building (home, school or business) can end up in the ocean or in our groundwater. Whether the building drains are connected to the sanitary sewer or a septic system, what you put down the drain makes a difference.

Septic Systems
Sanitary Sewer Read more>>

Climate Action To- Go Kits

These kits are a fun and easy way to learn about what you can do at home to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Use with the Kill-A-Watt Meter to measure appliance electricity use, discover air leaks with the Thermal Leak Detector and more. Borrow a kit.

Clean Green Cookbook

Try these recipes for household cleaners that are easier on the environment, because in our region anything that goes down a drain can end up in the ocean or in our groundwater.

Growing Solutions

Understanding what goes into producing our meals can make us more aware of the relationship between food and climate change; helping us make better choices. Want to know what fruit and vegetables are in season in the region right now?
Download the Growing Solutions Fresh Food Calendar.

Watershed Warden Badge

Share your watershed protection story with Ollie the Otter to earn your CRD Watershed Warden badge. Write to Ollie and learn more >> 

Regional Parks Volunteering

Be involved in preservation and enjoyment of regional parks and trails. Our volunteers get out and give back.
Get involved with Regional Parks.

Community Clean-Up

Are you organizing a community clean up or restoration event? Your event may qualify for funding through the Community Clean-Up Program.
Apply for funding.

Parks Nature Videos

Recycling and Garbage

Watershed Stewardship

Down the Drain

Pollution Prevention for Automotive Shops

Pollution Prevention for Food Industry

Septic Systems


There are many shades of being green. See what local businesses, individuals and youth are doing to be green. Read more >>

Panorama Recreation Centre

  • Extreme Teen Lounge - (Grades 6-10)
    Hang out with other teens, meet new friends and have a great night. It's your space and your time — enjoy!
  • Leadership and Training
    Panorama offers a variety of first aid and leadership courses including training to become a lifeguard, swimming instructor, camp leader or fitness instructor.


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