Discover Your Watershed

The capital region is comprised of over 300 watersheds which are over 100 hectares in size, plus numerous smaller named and un-named watersheds. Our coastal areas also have variable sized natural and urban influenced drainage areas that flow towards the harbours and marine shorelines without a creek or river. These natural, watershed-like, drainage areas primarily drain precipitation through the soil naturally, as interflow, finding the lowest point at the shoreline.

Watershed Land Cover Maps

Provided here are a series of maps that can be used as a simplistic visual assessment of watershed health based on actual land use (forests, agriculture, impervious surfaces, etc.) in a particular watershed. A series of 20 plus maps have been developed, highlighting the key watersheds in the capital region. Read more >>

Watershed Flow Diagrams

Provided here are a series of simplistic illustrations designed to help determine which creek or lake is in which watershed and where it flows. Over 40 flow diagrams, highlighting the major watersheds in the capital region from Sooke to the Saanich Peninsula, have been developed. Read more >>

Soil Infiltration Potential Maps & Report

© Map of the Districts of Victoria and Esquimalt in Vancouver Island. Published 1854, by John Arrowsmith. 2 inches to 1 mile. The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO). Reference #: CO 700/BritishColumbia2