CorpPlanProcess HHUsing an iterative process, the CRD Board of Directors has identified and established a set of Strategic Priorities to guide the organization’s services and work for 2015 – 2018. Read more >>

On an ongoing basis, the CRD monitors and reports on its progress in achieving strategic priorities as well as delivering services effectively and efficiently.

Annual Report2017AnnualReport-Cover-166x166

The annual report highlights the accomplishments and overall performance of the CRD in delivering services and making progress on priorities set by the Board of Directors.

It includes an overview of our work and the achievements and financial highlights of the past year. It is supported by more detailed annual reports by service area.

Priorities Dashboarddashboard-icons

The Priorities Dashboard provides a progress update on how the CRD is delivering on the activities laid out in the Corporate Plan 2015-2018, which were developed in response to the Board’s strategic priorities. The dashboard outlines work that’s been completed as well as the next steps the organization will take to meet each Board priority and corporate and core service priority.