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The CRD has now completed the Southern Gulf Islands’Connectivity Infrastructure Design Strategy. Next steps involve coordinating partnerships to implement internet service improvements in the islands.


The CRD has developed a two-phase community based connectivity plan for the Southern Gulf Islands (SGI) Electoral Area (Galiano, Mayne, Pender and Saturna Islands) to document how greater connectivity can advance each island’s common goals of sustainable economic development, community health, and resilience. The Phase 1 report, Connecting SGI: Connectivity Planning for the Southern Gulf Islands was completed in 2020. The Phase 2 report, the Southern Gulf Islands Regional Broadband Strategy, was completed in April, 2021 by TANEx Engineering after in depth stakeholder consultation, gap analysis, and infrastructure inventory.

Thank you to everyone who participated in giving feedback to this process by joining meetings, filling out surveys and completing speed tests, as well as everyone who came out and participated in our workshops.

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