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The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) is a vision for the future of the capital region, guiding decisions on regional issues such as transportation, population growth and settlement patterns. The RGS promotes the long term livability of the region by enhancing social, economic and environmental performance. The existing RGS is currently being updated as part of a 5-year review process.

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Board Adopts Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw

The Capital Regional District Board adopted the RGS bylaw at its March 14, 2018 meeting. All municipalities have accepted the RGS and the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Director endorsed the RGS at the Board.

Adoption of the RGS concludes the update process. The CRD would like to thank all involved in the project for their hard work in updating this key regional document.

For details, see item 6.5 in the staff report

The CRD, municipalities and the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area are responsible for implementing the RGS, through service delivery, infrastructure investment and policy. In addition to implementation, the CRD is responsible for monitoring and yearly reporting on progress toward achieving RGS objectives.

Once adopted, the CRD will begin implementation and monitoring progress toward achieving RGS objectives.


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