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Used Building Materials

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Used Building Materials

Some used building materials such as drywall are banned from disposal as garbage.  Check with the facilities below as well as these myrecyclopedia sections for further info:

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How do I go green?

Think about whether you really need to complete that second bathroom project or add that sunroom on to the back of your house. Only purchase the quantities you need, gypsum board (drywall) for example almost costs as much to recycle as it does to purchase.

Shop at businesses that sell good reusable building materials. Use recycled, salvaged materials whenever possible.

Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions and charges.


  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • RemoveAndReUse.Com

  • ReStore - Habitat for Humanity Uptown

    3311H Oak Street

  • ReStore - Habitat for Humanity Westshore

    849 Orono Avenue

  • The Environmental Story

    Used Building Materials have great potential for future reuse and recycling. Many are made of stronger, longer lasting materials than can be purchased today. Old growth cedar and fir, wavy glass windows, giant wood beams and copper piping are just some examples. With thoughtful deconstruction, these materials can be used again and cause far less environmental impact than harvesting or manufacturing new.

    Did You Know?

    Conducting a home renovation? Learn steps required to ensure your waste material will be accepted for disposal. www.crd.bc.ca/renowaste