What would you like to Recycle?



Brick and Concrete are 100% recyclable and banned from disposal as garbage at Hartland Depot.

Old concrete is broken down, metal rebar is separated for further recycling and the concrete aggregate is used to make new concrete or reused as a foundation material for roads and runways.

The facilities below will accept brick and concrete for recycling and reuse in new building projects.

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How do I go green?

Consider using pervious concrete for your driveway or walkway, or use gravel or recycled wood chipping for driveways or garden paths to provide similar function, with less environmental impact and better drainage.

Reuse old paving stones as flowerpot stands or to create a decorative border around a raised flowerbed.

Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions and charges.


  • DL's Recycling Centre

    6844 Oldfield Rd

  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • Victoria Landscape Gravel Mart Ltd.

    2516 Pleasant Street

  • Victoria Materials Recycling and Depot (Lehigh Materials)

    343 Bay Street

  • The Environmental Story

    Concrete is a locally produced construction material. It can safely incorporate a number of recycled materials such as fly ash, slag and silica fume, which are byproducts of other industries to enhance the properties of concrete. Aggregates and water are being recycled in ever-increasing amounts during the production of concrete. These practices benefit our landfill space and our environment.

    Durability is a significant sustainable attribute of concrete because it will not rust, rot, or burn, requiring less energy and resources over time to repair or replace. However, since this sturdy material will withstand the test of weather and time, concrete should not end up in a landfill and should be recycled at an appropriate facility.