Facility Closures

Contact facilities directly to ensure they are open during the COVID-19 health emergency and learn about changes to their drop-off procedures.

Store for now – if you can, please store any waste that won’t rot or attract animals. Visit Recycle BC for storage tips for recyclable materials.

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Largely unnoticed, gravel is a key component of our built environment; head a little way out of the city centre and it's the road surfacing of choice. Although banned from the garbage, gravel can be separated from other material and hauled to one of the locations below.

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How do I go green?

Use gravel as sparingly as possible. Do not overdo routine maintenance of gravel areas.

Use extra gravel as garden mulch, to cover entire areas in xeriscape garden or to create garden paths.

Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions and charges.


  • Capital City Paving Ltd.

    740 Industrial Way

  • DL's Recycling Centre

    6844 Oldfield Rd

  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • Peninsula Landscape Supplies Ltd.

    2078 Henry Ave West

  • RemoveAndReUse.Com

  • Victoria Landscape Gravel Mart Ltd.

    2516 Pleasant Street

  • Victoria Materials Recycling and Depot (Lehigh Materials)

    343 Bay Street

  • The Environmental Story

    Gravel is made of a variety of rock fragments naturally formed through weather beating and forces of water, which is why riverbeds are often lined with it. The supply of gravel produced in nature is insufficient for consumer demand, so gravel is mined and transported using fossil fuel draining processes. It's costly both on the pocketbook and the environment to mine new gravel and since it's such a robust material, many recyclers are keen to reclaim used gravel for cleaning, sorting, and stockpiling for use on future building projects alone or for concrete aggregate.