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Wood Waste (lumber)

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Wood Waste (lumber)

There are many ways for wood waste to be reused so don’t let it end up in the landfill. Off cuts, warped boards, damp wood, dry and brittle wood can all be disposed of in a environmentally friendly way at designated recycling facilities.

Designated facilities may convert your waste wood into refuse derived fuel (RDF) that is then sold as an alternative fuel source to other users. Some companies use RDF in their plants to generate eco-friendly power, thereby offsetting their carbon footprint. 

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How do I go green?

Try to make the most out of each 2x4 or sheet of plywood. Make strategic cuts to avoid wasted scraps. This will save you money as well as reduce the amount of lumber you need to purchase. 

Save the good sections from a renovation or demo. Take out the nails etc. and reuse what you can. Offer re-useable lumber to neighbours or family who have a use for it. Use left over scraps for shims, packing material or other small projects. Keep a stash of small wood bits for repairs or renovations in the future. Compost smaller scraps of untreated, unpainted lumber at home or use them as kindling. 

Be aware that most lumber recycling facilities cannot accept creosote or pressure treated wood products or lumber that has lead based paint on it. Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions and charges.


  • A&P Disposal & Recycling

    6220 Marilyn

  • DL's Recycling Centre

    6844 Oldfield Rd

  • Ellice Recycle

    524 David Street

  • Ellice Recycle (commercial dump capable loads only)

    2525 Bridge Street

  • GFL Environmental (formerly Alpine, and Terrapure Environmental)

    1045 Dunford Avenue

  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • Hartland Depot

    1 Hartland Avenue

  • RemoveAndReUse.Com

  • Salt Spring Garbage and Recycling

    360 Blackburn Road
    Salt Spring Island

  • Waste Management


  • The Environmental Story

    Contrary to popular belief, wood that ends up in a landfill does not simply biodegrade and create soil. It actually generates harmful, polluting gases if allowed to rot. Wood in a landfill also represents a lost resource. You can make the educated eco-choice by finding out where to best dispose of your waste wood, where it can be chipped and recycled. Try to buy lumber harvested in a sustainable fashion. Wood marked with the Forest Stewardship Council or FSC stamp as an eco-friendly option. 

    Did You Know?

    Conducting a home renovation? Learn steps required to ensure your waste material will be accepted for disposal. www.crd.bc.ca/renowaste