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rug, carpet underlay

The facilities listed below accept underlay for re-use, as long as it is clean and dry. The underlay will be re-used as protective packaging.
There are no carpet recycling facilities in our region. See garbage for disposal facilities.
Materials that have been water damaged and are mouldy, or are otherwise contaminated are not recyclable and will be disposed as garbage or, in extreme cases, may be handled as controlled waste.

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How do I go green?

Since underlay has so many positive benefits towards the lifespan of your carpet, when selecting an underlay, choosing a natural fibre is a good green option. Most carpeting will not be recyclable, but if you are installing new carpet, ask at your flooring store. Some new carpeting products may have recycling options available.

Spare bits of carpet and underlay can be handy around the house to line the bottom of closets, place under weighty items such as filing cabinets, to layer on your cat's scratching post or to be used as packing material.

Contact facility directly regarding restrictions and charges.


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  • The Environmental Story

    Carpet underlay comes in three main types: fibre, rubber, and foam. The first two may be a combination of various materials, while the latter is entirely composed of polyurethane. If your underlay is made of jute fibre, it will naturally break down in the landfill, but if it's any other material, consider options to divert the material elsewhere. Recycled foam underlay can be used toward the production of new underlay 8-10 times, greatly reducing the need to use new materials.