Hartland Landfill accepts asbestos waste for disposal on an appointment basis. A controlled waste permit is not required for disposal.

To book an appointment contact Hartland at 250.360.3410. Appointment confirmation is required. For disposal of drywall which contains asbestos, ensure you have your laboratory analysis available. For disposal of asbestos waste generated out-of-region, a disposal request form must also be completed.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Please review the Homeowner or Contractor information chart to determine requirements for treatment and disposal of asbestos waste (and other hazardous materials).
  • There is a legal requirement that waste asbestos must be double bagged in 6 mil poly bags and be labelled or tagged ASBESTOS. Bags must be goose-neck tied and sealed with duct tape. Bags are available at safety supply stores.
  • As a homeowner, you can take your own waste asbestos to the landfill as long as the load is properly bagged and sealed weighs less than 1,000kg (multiple load volumes must not exceed this limit in a 30 day period). Loads that weigh more than 1,000kg, and those transported by commercial haulers will require a waste manifest and the driver/vehicle must be licensed to haul asbestos or they will be turned away.
  • Due to the presence of equipment at the asbestos disposal site, all customers must wear high visibility vests and safety boots.
  • All loads must be covered and secured in order to reduce litter on roadways. Those vehicles arriving with uncovered and/or unsecured loads will be charged double the normal fee.
  • Asbestos is a health hazard and if you are unsure if a material contains asbestos, it is best to contact your contractor, or a local laboratory who can conduct a test to confirm (a list of labs is provided below). In general, houses constructed before 1990 likely contain asbestos. For examples of materials that contain asbestos please visit WorkSafe BC.

For more information on asbestos transport and containment requirements please visit the Ministry of Environment's links:

Drywall Containing Asbestos

Hartland Landfill no longer takes drywall for recycling. However, drywall containing asbestos can be brought to the landfill for disposal as waste asbestos. The same restrictions as above apply. In addition, documentation confirming that the drywall has been tested and confirmed to contain asbestos fibres must be provided. There are a number of labs in the region that can complete this testing at a nominal fee (see right column).

In general, drywall that was installed before 1990 has the potential to contain asbestos in the mudding compound. Please refer to Worksafe BC.

Clean drywall can be recycled at local private facilities; please visit MyRecyclopedia for a list of drywall recyclers.

Questions? Contact Us

1.800.663.4425 local 3030

Appointments: 250.360.3410

Labs that can conduct asbestos analysis to confirm presence or absence:

  • Maxxam Analytics: 250.385.6112
  • Northwest Environmental: 250.384.9695
  • Pacific Environmental Consulting: 250.380.3911
  • AREC Environmental: 778.351.1966
  • Sky Environmental: 250.474.5145